Warning Signs: When You Should Change Your Parcel Forwarding Company

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Parcel forwarding services make your life so much easier, especially if you order items from foreign shores very often. Not only do they help you to save up on shipping costs, but they also walk the extra mile to ensure that your parcels reach you within the stipulated time frame. 


But remember that all parcel forwarding companies are not created equal! A few service providers can be exceptionally bad at their job and hiring them can prove to be costly for you. Here are a few signs that you have the wrong parcel forwarding company by your side: 


Missing Proper Attention To Your Requests


This is a very big red flag! As an esteemed customer, it is your right to have your concerns answered about the whereabouts of your packages. If your service provider doesn’t respond to emails, or never picks up calls, understand that customer service is not their priority. 


On the other hand, a 5-star parcel forwarding company will attend to your calls promptly and in a respectful manner. They will make sure that your concerns are alleviated and will also offer a wide range of solutions to get rid of the problems with product delivery. 


Hidden fees & Surcharges


Accountability and transparency - these are hallmarks of a reliable, customer-first business. However, if your service provider keeps slapping you with hidden fees every time you get something delivered from India - know that you’re dealing with a crook. Switch to another company that will keep you in the know-how of similar charges before they seal the deal with you. 


Frequent Late Deliveries


Got notified by your retailer that your order has reached the local address assigned to you by your parcel forwarder, but no update ever since? The chances are high that something happened to your package whilst in storage. It is the responsibility of the service providers to inform you if something actually happened. If they are unable to offer a legitimate reason behind why the delivery of your package is delayed, then make sure that you hire another company the next time you need to ship something special from India.


At Forward Parcel, we never make false promises. We are committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction every single time. If you would like to partner with a business that’s second to none when it comes to parcel forwarding services, Forward Parcel is the one for the job!

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