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I will be honest… I am a girl that is obsessed with shoes. I know… ‘original’ right? But then again, why should not I be obsessed with shoes. They are trendy, stylish, and keep me from breaking my precious toes. All this, of course, excluding the pain that comes with rocking heels, but beauty is pain… isn’t it? 
Anyway, for those of you who aren’t yet a shoe fiend like me, I suggest you browse through these sites. I promise that you will be met with ‘obsession’. These are some of my go-to shoe brand websites that I scroll through when I want something ethnic, traditional, or just when I am bored.
1. Rivir is one of my favorite sites. I am a total sneaker/shoe girl so if you are too, check Rivir out. I swear you will not have any regrets. My favorite pieces are anything with a mandala design. There is also a great collection for Men!

2. This was a website I fell instantly in love with. I love things that are out of the box and the footwear on this site is just something else. I swear they have a shoe for every mood so if you are looking for something bright, fun, and out there… Jolaa is for you!

3. Looking for some adorable Juttis….? Well, Fizzygoblet is your new go-to site. I have never seen so many designs and so much variety around just one style of shoe. They have all kinds of designs and colors, it is unbelievable.

4. I love Zubiya, mainly because all the shoes are hand-painted. This makes the shoe just that much more special for some reason, and my favorite collection by far is the hand-painted slides.

5. The Tassle Life is great. It has a great variety of shoes and everything is just so fun and colorful. Sometimes, I just browse through for fun. They also have the most adorable dream catchers.

6. The Earth to Sky collection by Gush is my favorite collection, especially the boho black wedge heels. I just love the style and if I am being honest, I own more than one pair:’)

7. Let me just say, even if you are not looking to buy footwear, PLEASE check out Kanvas. Just looking at the styles and patterns of the shoes makes me so happy. The patterned loafers for men are my favorite section to browse through and the Boho style slip-on sandals are just so cool.    

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