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We all know that no meal is complete without a little bit of pickle. For me, pickle is not just something that brightens up my meal but is also something tied to a memory. The memory of crushing spices with my mom and grandma to make a lifetime’s worth of pickle is forever carried through with every bite. ????

Now, you can enjoy your own taste down memory lane with authentic pickles/achar directly from India.

Some of our favorite places to buy delicious pickles and snacks:

1. https://charpara.com/: Charpara prepare traditional-styled pickles that are strictly hand-made and 100% vegetarian and contain no added preservatives. Charpara

2. https://www.masalamonk.com/ : Besides having in cutest logo, Masala Monk provides handcrafted pickles preserved without any additives or chemicals. They also keep salt and spices to a minimal, to retain the nutritional value of the fruit or vegetable. Masala Monk

3. https://www.sitarafoods.com/: Sitara Foods prepares pickles that are 100% home-made with fresh and best quality ingredients. Sitara Foods

4. https://www.jayashrihomemades.com/: They pride their pickles on being hand-made, chemical-free and all-natural with authentic spices. Jayashri Homemades

5. https://www.tulasipickles.com/: Tulasi Pickles provides homemade authentic Telugu foods. Tulasi Pickles

6. https://estore.vellankifoods.com/: A cult favourite in the Telugu states, authentic pickles and snacks are only a click away. VellankiFoods

Remember not to order non vegetarian items as we cannot ship them. There are restrictions for shipping dairy products to some countries.

How to get your purchases to your doorstep?

  • Sign up with www.forwardparcel.com and get your new virtual Indian address.
  • Shop from Indian online stores and ship your purchases to your new virtual Indian address.
  • We receive, store, pack, and send all your purchases in a single parcel to you.

Please feel to ping us anytime for any queries, you can WhatsApp here: https://buff.ly/3gLBAFZ

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