Parcel Forwarding - A Life Saving Phenomenon for NRIs

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Online shopping is a passion for many, in fact, who doesn’t love shopping online? But, there are times when you are reeling with excitement to buy a product from an Indian web store but end up disappointed to discover that the brand of your choice does not deliver to your international address. Isn't it annoying? What does one do in such a case? It is in situations like these that package forwarding companies can come to your rescue. But, what exactly is a parcel forwarding service?

The Concept
As a result of growth and expansion across the ecommerce sector and shipping impediments, parcel forwarding services are gaining a lot of popularity in the retail sector. Consumers who are bitten by the online shopping bug are always in search of finding the best brands beyond borders.
A Parcel forwarding service is a reliable solution offered by shipping organizations to online customers worldwide who are looking to do cross-fringe internet shopping. With parcel forwarding, your purchases will be shipped to a virtual address by your preferred online store, and from there it will be forwarded to your address for a nominal fee. How convenient, right?
The idea of international shopping can be a stressful considering the cost, availability and reliability of products but thanks to parcel forwarding services, now you don't have to worry about getting the products of your choice. In a nutshell, Parcel forwarding is a service which allows consumers to attain foreign products which may not directly ship to their country.

Why Forward Parcel?
Looking for a parcel forwarding service? Look no further! Shop from India from anywhere in the world with Forward Parcel.

As the most reliable parcel forwarding company in India, we have been providing our services to more than 35000 customers of over 200 countries. We make it easy for consumers to purchase online in India from all over the world. Now, with only a parcel forwarder like us, you can enjoy significant savings on shipping cost with our consolidation service. This service along with other features makes us one of the nation’s favorite and cost-effective providers of parcel forwarding. We ensure that your deliver is:

  • Hassle-free
  • Without any surprise fees
  • Helps you save on purchases and shipping
  • And has great customer support

So, what are you waiting for? Make your India online shopping extremely easy with Forward Parcel! Check out our website to learn more about our features and how Forward Parcel can help you shop from key web stores in India without worrying about the shipment. Register as a member of Forward Parcel and get your Indian mail address right away!

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