An Indian Expat’s Guide to Parcel Forwarding Services: Things You Need To Know

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Came to know recently about a parcel forwarding company and can’t wait to order from your favorite Indian stores with its assistance? While the perks of roping in parcel forwarding service providers - cost savings, convenience, and efficacy - do sound good, it is essential to keep a few things in mind before you hit the “BUY” button. In this blog, we share some of the critical aspects that you should consider: 

The process mainly has two steps 

In this mode of parcel delivery, your service forwarder will first receive your order from the seller of your choosing. Then they will ship it to your destination. The entire procedure is extremely secure as you get your very own physical Indian address. 

Service providers offer lucrative options to shopaholics 

Many parcel forwarding service providers offer membership options. While anyone can sign up with them and get started, those who need stuff shipped to them regularly from India can avail of more benefits by becoming a premium member. By paying a small sum, you can gain access to exclusive perks such as free returns, free consolidation, extended storage, and more. 

It’s important to choose carefully 

Hundreds of parcel forwarding service providers are available in this day and age to serve your shipping needs. Unless you want to sign up for bad experiences, make sure that you research companies thoroughly before choosing one as your go-to shipper. You really don’t want to get scammed! 

One of the most basic things you should be aware of while choosing a parcel delivery company is its reputation among previous clients. For clarity, you can always check out its reviews online. Besides this, ensure whether they provide photographs of your orders as well as real-time tracking services. Exceptional customer support should be a priority too. 

Parcel forwarding and savings needn’t always go hand in hand 

Right at the beginning of the blog, we mentioned that parcel forwarding helps minimize shipping costs, and now we seem to be refuting ourselves! But hear us out. 

How much you end up saving depends a lot on the mail forwarding company you choose. Always go for one that’s extremely transparent about its pricing structure and provides invoices for everything so that hidden fees do not make a way into the final bill. In addition to this, we recommend that you hunt for a company that offers repackaging services and take care of customs clearance paperwork for your peace of mind and pocket!


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